Russell & Bromley’s beautiful new boutique store in Hampstead, London, designed by design & architect studio Shed, and lit by Shoplight, has been created to gracefully blend in with the surrounding village aesthetic, retain the building’s original character and showcase Russell & Bromley’s luxury fashion footwear. 

Shed’s new design concept is in fact a new blueprint for Russell & Bromley as it expands in the UK and beyond. It’s refreshingly clear brief, concepts, mood boards and 3D renders meant Shoplight was well equipped to tailor the lighting in the Hampstead store to align with the desired visual style and ambiance. 


Lighting was used to enhance details like soft finishes, clay walls, and polished brass accents, accentuating key design elements and Russell & Bromley’s signature footwear and handbag range which is crafted from the finest European materials. 

Shoplight collaborated with Shed to meticulously tailor the lighting, considering the subtle details of the building’s historic features. This included merging two separate shopfronts into a unified, inviting store without masking over the legacy of the building.

Shoplight accommodated for varying ceiling heights, unique product display requirements, and small shop windows with challenging angles. They paid close attention to light levels ensuring consistency and harmonious lighting throughout, helping to create an intimate boutique experience which successfully showcases a brand rooted in British heritage and luxury craftsmanship within a modern retail landscape.