True Fit, the leading AI-driven platform that decodes size and fit for shoppers and fashion retailers, has announced the launch of Fit Hub, its new Generative AI (Gen AI) innovation to help consumers find the perfect fit and solve retailers’ online fit challenges.

Fit Hub utilises Gen AI to synthesise all available fit and size information from retailers’ Product Description Pages (PDPs), from personal sizing recommendations, product reviews and User Generated Content (UGC), sales & returns, size charts and product information.  It then blends these AI-generated sizing cues with insight from True Fit’s Fashion Genome, the world’s largest connected apparel dataset comprising 82 million shoppers and 29,000 brands.

This allows Fit Hub to deliver incomparably accurate fit recommendations in one place on the retailer’s PDP, removing fit-friction and size uncertainty from shoppers’ buying journeys, to improve conversions and loyalty.  Consistently identified as the top reason shoppers abandon digital fashion purchases, fit uncertainty also drives size sampling and increases returns rates, which according to the British Fashion Council represent a £7billion issue for UK retailers.


Jessica Murphy, Co-founder and COO, commented: “Fashion is personal, and fit is such an important part of why I love something and wear it time and time again.  However, the PDP, where consumers take a closer look at a specific item, is where shoppers end up hunting for clues for how something will fit their needs for their body, preferences and proportions.  We designed Fit Hub to synthesise all the details about the fit of a product and simplify it down to a few key points, so the shopper can consider their purchase more easily and have confidence to buy the right size, first time.”

Fit Hub helps consumers more easily choose the right size when there is, at times, conflicting sizing advice scattered across busy PDPs, replacing a previous generation of size and fit tools which put the onus on shoppers to seek out relevant information across a combination of fit-widgets and features.  Now, Fit Hub’s new ‘fit-experience’ for shoppers presents a single, unified size understanding and fit intelligence within two complementary views:

  • Item Sizing – A summary of how shoppers are buying and keeping a particular product; whether they are purchasing their typical size, or may need to size up or size down. This analysis is informed by all sales & returns data by True Fit shoppers, which typically account for >20% of all transactions of an item, providing a strong representative sample into shopper behaviours compared to ratings and reviews alone.  Additionally, shoppers can filter the analysis to focus on their own area of the size range, providing trusted and accurate advice on how others with similar body proportions bought and kept the item.
  • Fit Tips – Easily consumable pieces of advice that shoppers should consider when evaluating how a product will fit.  Fit tips synthesise all available fit information, from PDP text, catalogue data, product reviews and size charts, to product image analysis, body measurements of shoppers purchasing and returning the item.  This is then blended with the full depth of True Fit’s proprietary Fashion Genome, which comprises data on more than 20billion fashion SKUs across 29,000 brands. These data points are brought together leveraging several Gen AI solutions and presented in simple terms, helping every shopper understand not only a product’s intended fit, but also how real shoppers are experiencing that product’s fit.

Underlying these new advancements in size and fit technology is True Fit’s recently released Fit Needs profile enhancement.  This new feature allows shoppers to identify key areas of garments that they deem important to ensure they get a high quality fit for their specific body type.  For example, a shopper can indicate that trousers tend to fit them best when there is more room in the thigh, or tops fit them best when the torso is longer.  True Fit incorporates the signal from an individual shopper’s Fit Needs designations into its deep size personalization, and this data is also layered into Fit Hub’s Item Sizing and Fit Tips to present general guidance on how a particular style may be able to satisfy individual customer’s unique fit preferences.

Robert Muzingo, Director of Ecommerce at luxury brand  St. John, commented:  “We meticulously design each style to embody elegance and sophistication, ensuring a seamless harmony between the clothing and the wearer.  Through our partnership with True Fit and the integration of Gen AI and its Fit Hub solution, we can revolutionise how women experience luxury shopping online.  Through the fusion of timeless St. John design and True Fit’s cutting-edge technology, we establish a new pinnacle of excellence in women’s luxury retail.  True Fit’s advanced technology significantly lowers return rates, ensuring attention to fit so our customers confidently find their perfect size, ultimately amplifying both customer satisfaction and our operational efficiency.”

“For many years, we’ve been partnering with True Fit to bring personalization to our customer experience with AI, helping our shoppers to buy the right size, first time, and avoid the disappointment and hassle of returns.” Todd Coughlan, Senior Digital Analytics & CRO Manager, Boden

The launch of Fit Hub comes hot on the heels of True Fit’s fast growing strategic partnership with Shopify, which has brought the power of fit-personalisation to merchants of all sizes trading on the ecommerce platform.

Marking a significant milestone in the fashion industry, True Fit, which previously catered primarily to large enterprise retailers and brands, extended its services to Shopify’s network of merchants in late 2023.  Since then, the partnership has seen adoption rates growing to 900% YTD, with True Fit users now representing 27% of order volume on Shopify merchants’ sites.  True Fit’s new Gen AI Fit Hub promises to be a new, valuable enhancement to this rapidly growing segment of merchants, enabling fashion brands of all sizes to eliminate sizing guesswork for their customers and help shoppers more easily purchase apparel and shoes online with confidence.