As a leading provider of technical lighting solutions, TRILUX continues to demonstrate its innovative expertise with the successful modernisation of the Leroy Merlin Strefa Wnętrz store. Situated in Warsaw Poland, this project not only achieved enhanced energy efficiency but also transformed the space into a welcoming environment for both customers and employees.

Established in 2010, the Leroy Merlin Strefa Wnętrz store embarked on a journey to update its lighting design to meet contemporary standards and norms. Collaborating with TRILUX, the project underwent meticulous planning and execution, showcasing an out-of-the-box approach to lighting solutions.

Karol Czich, representing Leroy Merlin, and Pawel Boryś, Business Development Manager at TRILUX, spearheaded the initiative. Czich noted, “The first stage involved a comprehensive site visit to assess the existing arrangement, followed by meticulous design work to select luminaires and implement a sophisticated control system.”


The project’s primary objective was to infuse the interior with a distinctive showroom feel while accentuating key product groups. TRILUX’s E-LINE NEXT LED continuous line system emerged as the main solution, offering flexibility for future expansions and reconfigurations.

A notable challenge for the design team was the ceiling’s intricate aluminium structure, housing over 720 light elements. TRILUX devised fully customised luminaires with special micro prismatic shades to replace the existing T5 sources, complemented by JUNO projectors with innovative drop-shaped lenses. Czich emphasised, “The unique shape of the lens allowed us to evenly illuminate merchandise while maintaining optimal visibility of traffic routes.”

LIMBA and TUGRA luminaires further enhanced the lighting concept and illuminated green islands of plants, elevating the interior’s aesthetic appeal. Combined with the LiveLink intelligent lighting management system, the project achieved its goals of reducing energy costs, improving visual aspects, and enabling intelligent control of the lighting infrastructure.

Czich concluded, “We’re delighted to have exceeded the Investor’s expectations, solidifying our partnership and advancing our common business objectives.”

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