Tommy Hilfiger has re-opened its Premium concept store on Amsterdam’s Hoofstraat. The premises have undergone a dramatic evolution with the help of rpa:group, as part of a two-phase delivery of the progression of the retailer’s Sportswear 16 concept. High-end fixtures and fittings are key features throughout the retail space, with hanging rails and shelving that are fully adaptable, to deliver flexible retail display solutions.

As part of the Tommy Hilfiger initiative to be more environmentally proactive, sustainably sourced light oak flooring is used on both the ground and first floors, laid in a herringbone pattern with a matt finish. The store is illuminated throughout by LED lighting that includes backlit panels, with halo lighting around fixtures and striking circular LED lights, that seem to float within the space. The walls feature a combination of high-gloss panelling with perimeter backlit skirting. These all work together to bring a brightness, lightness and airiness to the retail space.

A bespoke Lohja chandelier designed by Cameron Design House is suspended from the ceiling above the stairway.


A bespoke ‘wow cabinet’ that nods to the elegant age of the Art Deco period creates a focal point for product. Other display cabinets are set on mirrored plinths, so that they appear to be floating above the floor. Glass balustrades on the staircase link the ground and first floors and provide unrestricted visibility of product and display areas and also lend an openness to the retail environment.

This bright and white space is saved from being too stark, by considered use of softening touches, such as natural timber inlays in the ceilings and carpeting in a jacquard pattern, with the initials ‘TH’. This pattern is echoed on the back of the staircase in an embossed finish. The menswear area has a glossy walnut finish that also creates a complementary element of warmth.

The store is supported by a host of digital technology, including numerous interactive screens and touch screens. RFID also frees up space, which would otherwise be used for cash desks and helps to deliver a truly experiential brand environment to shoppers.

Phase 2 sees an entrance formed within the store, linking the store and The People’s Place, Tommy Hilfiger’s own branded café and coffee shop. Here, customers have the opportunity to linger over a coffee, charge their phones and interact and engage with the brand on an entirely new level. Aside from a coffee shop, the People’s Place also offers a cash desk and a customisation area, with embroidery and personalisation options and alteration services. The digital integration that has prominence in the store is just as prevalent in the People’s Place, with tables incorporating built-in touch screens and iPads mounted on the bar area, allowing customers to browse various Tommy Hilfiger fashion trends and order online.