Perspex Distribution is proud to celebrate a significant milestone in its history – 20 years of industry-leading service and innovation. Perspex Distribution opened its first branch in Chelmsford, Essex, in October 2003, since then it has successfully expanded its product range and branch locations, successfully catering to a diverse range of UK industries, from signage and print, to construction and precision fabrication.

This landmark celebrates two decades of unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Gaining new customers through a strong reputation for excellent customer service, Perspex Distribution quickly expanded to 3 branches by 2005 offering distribution across large parts of the UK.  In subsequent years, 2 further branches have been added to the group, the latest being Perspex Distributions largest branch opening in Leeds in 2016.    


A network of 5 branches now covering the majority of the UK has supported the company’s impressive growth through expanding into new markets such as wide format print and lighting with a focus on diversifying the material range.  

Over the years, Perspex Distribution has earned a reputation for excellence in the following areas:

UK Manufactured Products: as the UK’s exclusive distributor of Perspex® acrylic, the company name is synonymous with one of the industry’s most recognisable UK brands.  That said, as their product range has grown, so has their focus on UK manufactured materials; so much so that they can now boast over 80% of their material range is produced in the UK.

Customer Service: The company’s success is rooted in its dedication to providing exceptional customer service, industry leading knowledge and a specialist product basket that ensures a focused understanding of what is being sold. Expertise extends across all its branches with each location boasting staff who have been ever present since each branch opened, as well as key local support from their UK manufacturing partners.

Sustainability:  The range of sustainable materials has developed over 20 years as Perspex Distribution continues their journey to offering recycled material options across their range.  As they look ahead to the next 20 years they maintain their focus on growing this range as they work closely with their manufacturing partners and the wider industry to create a greener, safer world. 

Commenting on this significant anniversary, Craig Dodson, MD of Perspex Distribution, stated, “It’s a momentous occasion for our company to reach this 20-year milestone. We owe our success to our dedicated colleagues, loyal customers, and industry partners. We are deeply grateful for their unwavering support, which has fuelled our growth and innovation. 

I’m particularly grateful to those, like myself, who have been with the company since day one and hope this is testament to the positive and successful environment we have established at Perspex Distribution.

We are excited about the future and confident Perspex Distribution will continue to strengthen its position and presence within the UK market.”