Founded by Maria Fontanellas in 2017, Mietis is a young luxury brand based in Barcelona. Mietis translates cinematic and retrospective inspirations into contemporary and colourful designs with the aim of curating a timeless wardrobe, full of pieces with soul designed to last.

Espai Mietis in Barcelona has been created to provide fashion and culture to the Mietis community by offering a creative experience tailored to the particular interests of each client. Besides being Mietis’ first flagship store, it is a fashion studio, a customization atelier and a gallery.



Created by Maria Fontanellas alongside architecture firm Evvo Retail, the Mietis philosophy has been continued as part of the new Barcelona Flagship store. Throughout the space old blends with new creating an immersive experience in a parallel, multi-sensory and welcoming realityThe colour treatment, decorative details and final attrezzo are directly from Maria’s hand, which gave the space this unique finish very close to her way of seeing life and creation.

The access tunnel connects the real world with Mietis’ captivating and colourful imagination.

The idea was to separate fixtures from the already existing wall, leaving a space where the light is presented as another element and, at the same time, works as a separator between the original architecture of the building site which is seen as a symbol of a yesterday.
The curved shape of the arches set back from the original wall can be perceived differently depending on the angle or perspective from which it is observed.

Maria reinterprets minimalism by drawing inspiration from Memphis, the space age and a variety of eras and styles. The constant use of vibrant, cheerful pastel tones creates a stimulating visual discourse. Every corner of the space is breathtaking and a strong statement of the designer’s creative spirit.

The space also highlights the contrast between the undulations of the metal sheets and the fall of the curtain rope. Here the curved shape is again highlighted, now playing with its concave and convex parts.

Industrial materials such as aluminium and cement are contrasted by elegant and theatrical textures such as red velvet curtains that create eclectic and intimate corners. The curvilinear forms and wavy panels in pastel colours take you to a world of fantasy, sweet and fun that reminds us of an ice-cream parlour.

Mietis will offer a customization experience at the Space. You will be able to create a unique jacket choosing one model from the collection to adapt it to your own style. An exclusive experience by appointment only and delivery service of only 15 business days upon placing the order.

Espai Mietis was also created with the purpose to collaborate with local and young artists. A part of its space is destined for a gallery where distinctive exhibitions and creative events will happen, offering a dynamic, contemporary and cultural space to the Mietis community.

Photo Credits: Nerea Garro