Lladró has announced the opening of a new store in New York, the first in the US with the brand’s new concept. This new retail concept is dedicated to showcasing Lladró’s most innovative and groundbreaking creative designs and collaborations.

The interior design of the store is a collaboration between Valencia-based Carmen Baselga Taller de Proyectos and Lladró’s store engineering team. The design is centred around a walkthrough experience that invites visitors into the world of Lladró through a series of immersive scenes.


The location of the store is prime, situated in a busy commercial area of the city known for its chic bars, restaurants, galleries, hotels, and boutiques. Adjacent to Little Island and a block away from the Chelsea Market, the store is expected to attract New Yorkers and visitors alike. This new retail concept is also being rolled out in select Lladró spaces and pop-ups around the world, including Beijing, Berlin, and Venice.

The new store is part of Lladró’s omnichannel strategy, aimed at strengthening different sales channels, both digital and physical. The company wants customers to have the same brand experience regardless of where they shop. With a growing number of customers, particularly young adults, investing in their living spaces, the new location and concept will offer them a chance to curate and acquire pieces that speak to their personal design sensibilities.

The interior design of the store is based on different settings, seeking to establish a dialogue between the visitor and the product through visual, sound, tactile and olfactory conversations. The design incorporates movement through changes in light intensity, backdrop screens, and 4D sounds, submerging visitors into another reality. Customers will journey through enveloping spaces that introduce them to the brand’s secrets and even offer a virtual visit to the Lladró workshops in Valencia.

The interior design features clean lines and soft colours that focus on Lladró’s groundbreaking creations, including avant-garde sculptures, lighting, home fragrances, and contemporary jewellery. Forms and colours are the differentiating elements of the design. Modular divisions create a harmonious layout that guides visitors through the space, while the chromatic spectrum provides a welcoming sensation. The store will also include a section to spotlight some of the Heritage line from the brand’s historical art porcelain collection, an exclusive ‘Living area’ that showcases the traditions and signature features of Lladró Heritage and its large High Porcelain masterpieces.

The new Lladró concept store is located at 435 W. 14th Street, New York, NY 10014.