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HydraFacial open hybrid flagship in London

A prime high street unit in Portman Square, London, has been transformed into HydraFacial’s new London flagship location as their first physical presence in the UK, after typically working online, B2B and with in-person skin clinic. HydraFacial is a worldwide aesthetic device manufacturer specialising in non-invasive skincare that has, up until this point, been predominantly located in the USA.  

LDN Flagship is a hybrid venue that features retail, cosmetic treatment and office workspaces as well as an event space for brand events, masterclasses and expert-led forums with doctors, facialists and makeup artists, and even a VIP suite.

The purpose of the space is to provide HydraFacial with a permanent location to showcase its brand during VIP events and press launches.

This new concept has been designed by award-winning design agency, So… Visualise, who enlisted Chameleon Business Interiors as the main contractor for the project. The space includes a vloggers area specifically designed for interviews, complete with social media backdrops, VIP treatment rooms and a neon archway activated by movement. Though HydraFacial had a strong sense of brand before this space was created, it took the guidance of the team at So… Visualise to localise this into the interiors of their London store.

HydraFacial initially commissioned So… Visualise to produce a piece called the ‘Gunky Jar’ for their window and, after further discussion, requested their assistance in bringing their brand to life in this flagship store.

Lisa Borrie, Founder of So… Visualise, said: “In designing this store for HydraFacial we have provided them with this ‘flagship’ identity that branches off the global brand that already existed. We worked closely with HydraFacial to develop the LDN Flagship guidelines that are now mirrored globally in further physical spaces by the brand.

“Though producing this store has been a challenging project, HydraFacial were pleased with the work we were doing, and whilst there was some back and forth as we worked cooperatively with their team, the process successfully moved from the beginning stages towards the flagship identity we have created.”

Predominantly HydraFacial’s route to market had always been through a social media approach, often having influencers promote their business and relying on the buzz of social media to produce sales. The idea for the London store was to have an experience store with an offering for HydraFacial that can bring people in to post online about the treatments.

The venue has been created with flexible use intentions in mind, with the reception area doubling as a bar for hosting events in the evenings and space for a DJ. The bar/treatment area has a VIP room behind it with a hidden door that allows for a slow reveal, providing a discreet space within the venue. 

There is a dedicated private space for influencers to create content, with a curved structure over the top of the area to absorb some sound to allow some privacy from the rest of the open space. It features Instagram pull out walls with a variety of backdrops, one commissioned by a local graffiti artist, and the other a bespoke sequin wall. 

Kevin McIntosh, head of design at Chameleon, said: “This project has been massively important for us at Chameleon as it really stands out. It has been great to help the client open their first physical store and move into the UK market. This store is something we can be incredibly proud of as this is the concept for HydraFacial now, it provides them with the DNA for a store rollout programme if they want it.” 

Shaun Watts, chairman at Chameleon, continued: “We are really excited to have delivered a project that is truly unique, which we think more retailers will adopt in future. It is a completely new take on the high street and the space has been designed with that in mind, bringing the client’s vision to life.”

HydraFacial currently operates in 87 countries around the world, has over 450 employees and works with more than 50 distributors serving more than 12,700 customers worldwide. The new LDN Flagship will play a part in delivering more than 2.5 million treatments globally in 2022. 

Lauren Gibson, UK & Ireland country manager said: “Our new LDN Flagship is an industry-first – a unique, interactive space that’s been designed to inspire treatment curiosity among consumers whilst supporting our community of providers. The space reflects our brand values perfectly and guest reaction has been incredibly positive.”

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