Six Stories, the cult fashion brand renowned for its contemporary bridal wear and accessories, is captivating brides-to-be worldwide with its empowering philosophy and stunning collections. Founded in 2019 by childhood sweethearts Lucy Menghini and Ross Menghini, Six Stories has become a celebrated name in the bridal fashion industry, capturing the hearts of brides who seek elegance, individuality, and unforgettable experiences.

Their highly-anticipated Selfridges launch finally arrives this Saturday in the Manchester Trafford Centre and Birmingham Bullring Stores. The spaces will display the iconic Six Stories ‘Sweats’ collection, the stunning bridesmaids dresses including the new colours and styles and the brand new ‘White Edit’, also launching on Saturday 10th June. Six Stories has grown from a team of two in 2020 to a team of 12. They’ve seen 500% YoY growth with plans for 300%+ growth this year and they’re now an eight figure business.


Also available on ASOS, Six Stories offers a diverse range of bridal wear and accessories, including elegant bridesmaid dresses, contemporary veils, captivating headpieces, and trendy, Instagrammable cowboy hats and caps. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to individuality, Six Stories ensures that every bride and member of the bridal party can find the perfect piece to complement their style and enhance their overall look.

Lucy Menghini, the visionary behind Six Stories, drew inspiration from her own wedding day to create a brand that embraces the anticipation and joy of getting married. As a young girl, Lucy eagerly looked forward to her “big day,” only to realize that the magic didn’t lie solely in those fleeting 24 hours. It was the micro moments, the love and support shown by others, and the excitement leading up to the wedding that truly made the experience extraordinary.

Lucy, a former Social Chain Marketing Director, leveraged her expertise in digital marketing to establish Six Stories on the global stage. The brand initially gained traction on Etsy, where Lucy showcased her handcrafted flower girl outfits. Recognizing the demand and armed with a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences, the Menghinis expanded their team to include local mothers who meticulously handcrafted their signature tutus.

Amidst their soaring success, Lucy and Ross welcomed their two baby boys, Remi and Rudy, in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Balancing the demands of parenthood, their loving relationship, and the growth of their business has been an ultimate test—one they have embraced with unwavering commitment and joy.