This December Shoplight has launched Circulight, a new four-step circular scheme to encourage more sustainable practices in retail lighting. In an era where sustainability is paramount, Circulight demonstrates Shoplight’s commitment to environmental stewardship which is at the forefront of its innovations. The scheme can also form part of a retail brands story showcasing their commitment to sustainability across their property estate and operations.

Step 1: Scrappage Scheme


The Scrappage Scheme is designed to encourage retailers to start their journey towards more sustainable lighting with Shoplight. 

Any retailer can deliver any non-LED product, made by any luminaire manufacturer, to Shoplight when they order a comparable bioplastic alternative from them. In doing so they will receive a credit to use on a Shoplight bioplastic alternative. 

For example, if you’re removing 100 metal halide track spotlights, rather than send them to landfill, return them to Shoplight who will ensure they recycle as many of the components as possible through their Recolight membership. You will also receive a credit of up to £500 to use towards new Shoplight bioplastic alternatives.

Step 2: Service Plan

Backed by a 5-year parts and labour warranty, Shoplight already guaranteed comprehensive coverage for any component breakdown. Now, it is launching a Service Plan to help retailers achieve sustained performance and cost-effective sustainability.

For a fixed annual cost per bioplastic product per year, Shoplight’s service plan offers an array of benefits that extends far beyond mere repairs. It includes annual maintenance, component repair or replacement, a deep clean, LED COB upgrades and driver reprogramming where needed. 

Extending beyond consistent lighting, the plan will likely result in significant energy savings as well as increased product value – products covered under the agreement boast an increased buy-back value of up to 50%, providing retailers with a financial incentive for embracing sustainable lighting practices.

Step 3: Buy-Back Scheme

The practicalities of the retail sector means that retailers regularly refurbish stores and exit premises as leases expire. When this happens Shoplight want its bioplastic products to be returned for reuse and recycling. 

To incentivise clients to return their bioplastic products to Shoplight, a significant credit is provided to the original purchaser which can be used towards a new bioplastic product. Currently, this credit ranges from £6 to £12 depending on the fitting. This provides retailers a true circular economy solution ensuring their bioplastic components stay in use, again and again.

Step 4: Reuse and Recycling

Shoplight have developed innovative ways to minimise waste from retail lighting. By using cutting edge materials, they can easily reuse and recycle most key components. For example, 86% of Nort, their first ever bioplastic product, can be reused or recycled! Components like lamp-holders, track adaptors, heat sinks, internal screws, and wiring can be used multiple times. Shoplight have invested in technology and machinery that allows them to shred bioplastic parts and reform them into brand new products, significantly reducing landfill waste.


Designed with a vision for longevity and adaptability, Shoplight’s bioplastic retail lighting solutions, together with Circulight, are a testament to its dedication to a circular economy in retail lighting. It is an enlightened and hopeful alternative to the ‘take-make-dispose’ model that blights the lighting industry.

Circulight is a refreshing opportunity for retailers to participate in sustainable lighting alternatives, contributing significantly to minimising carbon footprint, and fostering a healthier planet for future generations.