As retail and the art world begin to open up again, the historic Burlington Arcade, has announced an exclusive partnership with Saatchi Yates Gallery to host a 3 month pop-up exhibition within the Arcade and offer collaboration across both industries. This unveiling will be the first from a series that will pop up around the area in various other windows.
Three pieces of art from the upcoming Saatchi Yates exhibition –Allez La France! – will be on display and for sale in the Arcade when retail opens in April. Created by Jin Angdoo, Mathieu Julien, Hams Klemen and Kevin Pinsembert, the exhibition brings together the work of these four emerging artists to consider the legacy of the painting tradition in France. It is their first ever gallery show together, exhibiting all new works.  

As background to the inspiration behind the exhibition, the artists started a collective in their youth where they painted on shared walls around Paris and Marseilles. They created large paintings which resonated more with abstract expressionism than street art, their interest lying in creating work that exists outside of museums, galleries and institutions; on display to the public for hours, days or weeks, depending on how quickly their work was painted over and they became fascinated by this process.

Burlington Arcade prides itself on supporting the arts and crafts community, having partnered with Mayfair Art Weekend and Frieze for many years. After the hard year that has been, the team at Burlington wanted to support emerging talent to offer them a space and platform to showcase their work amongst the expert craftsmen, artistic brands and storied heritage of the Arcade.
The full Allez La France! exhibition is available for online viewing on Saatchi Yates website now – opening to the public from 12 April – 15 May.