Located at 12 East 57th Street, home of the legendary Tourneau TimeMachine, the new Bucherer 1888 flagship store is a three-story tall, almost 1,700-square-metre expanse. With captivating custom designs, lounges and bars, art installations and the introduction of their highly successful Bucherer BLUE and Bucherer Fine Jewellery collections to the US market.

The Bucherer 1888 store is purposefully designed to offer customers a distinctive, inviting and exciting environment that is 100 per cent unique. Bucherer worked closely with all its brand partners to create specialised displays and product selections. Each of the broad arrays of curated brands follows the proprietary Bucherer design concept ensuring that customers will see something different in the new TimeMachine than they will in any other store around the world. The cohesive look lays the groundwork for this hybrid store concept where Swiss hospitality and thoughtful brand presentations are key.


With a wall of windows on the facade allowing outside light inside, the boutique is bright, open and airy, and its lounge-like concept allows for comfortable interaction in a relaxed luxury environment.

A state-of-the-art projection system can display the time, clocks or other customisable content and provides the perfect platform for continuous surprise. Inside, the entire colour scheme consists of whites, warm neutrals and dark hues. Marble, stone, wood and metal coexist in a cohesive and beautiful expression of art and elegance. Even the light fixtures, which include crystal chandeliers and modernistic pendant pieces, are custom-made and highly eye-catching.

The Bucherer store also boasts some important firsts. On the top floor, a dedicated lounge and display area are devoted to the Bucherer Fine Jewellery collections. This marks the first time the magnificent jewellery will be available in America. Besides the contemporary collections, Bucherer is proud to showcase exotic, one-of-a-kind High Jewellery masterpieces that showcase rare and exceptional gemstones. In fact, for the New York opening, Bucherer is releasing several exceptional pieces made in their Lucerne ateliers that are New York exclusives, including a series of eight one-of-a-kind Fleur des Alpes cocktail rings each set with a different 7- or 8-carat centre stone and a Ladybird Stars of America trio of rings set with what the brand calls Big City Lights diamonds, Big Apple Red rubies and Hudson Blue sapphires.

Gone are the typical glass counters, and in their place are accoutrements such as an over six metres-long, artisan-made marble table, thoughtfully designed sitting areas and three separate bars (one on each level), as well as an impressive selection of wines curated by Sotheby’s. The introduction of Swiss hospitality will be a key theme for customers throughout the new store experience. There will also be curated art exhibits, with gallery installations intermingled throughout the store. As an homage to New York there is even a special exhibition that brings together a host of fine works from local artists.

Tourneau’s and Bucherer’s highly successful Certified Pre-Owned business plays an invaluable role in the new flagship store and is presented in a relaxed but luxurious lounge atmosphere.

Jörg G. Bucherer, owner and Chairman of the Board, comments: “I am incredibly excited to bring the Bucherer 1888 brand to the United States. As a Swiss family business, already in our third generation, we stand for the rich tradition of the Swiss quest for perfection and warm hospitality. The new flagship store is our commitment to constantly inspire our American customers with fascinating, curated brands and an impeccable Swiss service culture providing the very best personalised shopping experience.”