Retailers and brands who outsource post-purchase updates to third-party fulfillment or courier companies could be missing out on valuable customer engagement opportunities, according to the latest research from Scurri, the next-generation delivery management platform.

Original research of 1,000 UK consumers in its Getting personal in the last mile and beyond report, reveals that 81% always open delivery updates from a retailer or brand, while less than a fifth (38%) always open unbranded updates detailing the progress of their delivery.

The report highlights that unbranded delivery updates risk eroding trust amongst shoppers, who are increasingly intolerant of bad customer experience, with 69% of respondents indicating they are wary of third-party delivery updates as they think they might be scams – increasing to three quarters (76%) of Gen Z shoppers.


Additionally, 53% of respondents find receiving unbranded updates from a carrier or courier company confusing as they don’t always know which order it is referring to – increasing to 65% of Gen Z and Millennials – indicating lost opportunities amongst prolific and online-first shoppers.

“The standout finding is that customers will open emails if they are from the retailer or brand as distinct from a third-party courier or carrier.  And, while fulfilment companies can also start to personalise updates, there still appears to be no better or more impactful solution than direct communications from the retailer,” commented Rory O’Connor, founder and CEO, Scurri.

Once opened, delivery update emails offer brands and retailers the opportunity to further engage with shoppers based on their personal preferences with more than half of respondents (55%) saying they are happy to receive personalised offers in tracking and shipping updates but only if they can opt out of ongoing brand communications once the item is delivered.  Meanwhile a further 42% of shoppers said receiving personalised offers in delivery updates is a benefit that makes them more likely to repeat purchase.

“At a time when it is becoming increasingly expensive to acquire and retain shoppers, and even more difficult to get customers to convert for both structural and economic reasons, a well-orchestrated and personalised post-purchase strategy gives retailers an opportunity to move closer to shoppers and delight them with an excellent experience which grows direct customer relationships and encourages repeat purchases,” O’Connor added.

Scurri Track Plus, enables retailers to take control of the post-purchase experience and turn it into a marketing opportunity by boosting loyalty with highly-customisable, own-branded tracking emails, which reduce “where is my order” (WISMO) queries and protect customer acquisition and retention.

For more key takeaways around how taking control of the post-purchase delivery experience can build greater trust, increase customer loyalty, and deliver increased revenue opportunities, download the full report: Getting personal in the last mile and beyond.