When you want to attract customers, you mostly have to focus on the appearance of your shop, whether that be online or in-store. This is because the first thing that your customer notices about your shop is how it looks, feels, and even smells.

There are many strategies which you can adopt in order to improve the appearance of your retail store. You can do so by using visual tricks, aromatherapy, and also sound therapy. These few factors differentiate a shop that you want to linger around in a little bit longer, and the ones you would rather leave.


This article is going to focus on all the tips and tricks that you can apply to instantly increase the aesthetics of your small retail store.

1.A Well-Designed Window Display

The window display of your shop should say it all, but leave a small room for some mystery. Often, you will notice that shops will highlight their current discount rates on display, which attracts customers in large numbers.

Since marketing is all about catching attention, a dramatic outer appearance will surely boost foot traffic of your retail outlet. Additionally, the display should be of high quality, and attractive as well.

2.A Welcome Mat or an Aisle Carpet Runner

Not many people are able to grasp the concept of having a welcoming aisle runner that will literally lure customers into the shop. If that is too much on your budget, you can also entice the same effect with a bright-colored, heart-warming welcome mat at the front of your store.

However, an aisle runner is going to make your shop look like a runway, and generate more positive customer feedback. It is especially useful if you own clothing, handbags, or shoe stores.

3.Huge Banners

This is a pretty simple trick. You will have a lot of competition around you when you have your store located in a busy locality. In this situation, in order to have a competitive advantage over your rivals, you can set up an attractive banner that catches all eyes.

It is our human nature to be drawn to things that are bright, or big. So, if your banner is bigger than your competitor’s, naturally you will attract more foot traffic than the rest.

Similarly, using fluorescent colors, or visually appealing designs on the banner will give you that extra competitive advantage.

4.Decorate with Balloons

If your shop is located inside a mall, you may need the mall management’s permission to set up balloons at the entrance of your shop. However, you have more freedom to decorate if your store is located on the street.

Occasionally, during Christmas time, and New Years, shops adopt this marketing strategy to create a festive mood for their customers. This awesome strategy actually works.

Use the railings around the entrance to tie balloons. Also, as a rule of thumb, match the ambience, and hue of the interior of the shop to pick the right balloon colors.

5.Testing Tools for Digital Products

If you are selling digital products in your store, make sure you have tools that help the customers test the product before purchasing it. One such testing tool is the digital multimeter.

The digital multimeter can be used in many ways, including checking battery life, testing guitar cables, determining the switch, locating lugs on the output jack, and more.

6.Set Up a Selfie Wall

Using social media ideas to establish a selfie wall can also enhance the popularity of your store. New customers will get a positive brand image of your store when they see the selfie wall full of pictures of your customers with the products that you represent.

Additionally, you can even request your loyal customers to upload photos taken on your store on Instagram and Facebook. In this way, your business will boom in no time.

7.Place Pet Water Bowls Outside

Another way to entice your customers to check out your store is by placing pet water bowls outside the entrance. As a result, when cats and dogs stop by for some water, their owners will get a chance to look into your store.

Some may even go inside to know more about the products that you are selling. Not a bad idea, huh?


Candle and perfume shops are known to use aromatherapy to get the customer’s attention. Even if you own a different type of store, why not use the same strategy?

There are several ways that you can make your store smell nice, and inviting to customers. You can use air freshener every three hours, use diffusers, scented candles, or even incense.

Just make sure that the aroma you choose vibes with the brand image. For example, for a women’s clothing store, use fragrances that are sweet, flowery, and feminine.

For men’s products, a minty but manly fragrance will do. What’s more, the addition of essential oils in the diffuser will create a relaxing, healing environment for your customers. The peaceful atmosphere can convert anybody into a loyal customer!

In Conclusion

Setting up, and maintaining a business venture is no joke. It requires full commitment, unwavering dedication, and constant improvement to be able to make one successful.

Customers will be impressed by the facilities your shop provides and therefore will recommend you to their peers. This is a great way to boost foot traffic in your store.

You also have to keep in mind that you have competition everywhere, and thus you have to collect new ideas from various sources to stay above the competition.

This article focuses on the best ways you can increase foot traffic in your small retail shop. However, there are other ways as well to boost your sales this season. Keep researching and implementing new ideas into your venture, and you will surely succeed in due time.