Downtime is crucial. Many of us are trying to get more time and figure out the best ways to spend it.

If you’re searching for a few ways to kill some time here are the 5 most popular hobbies worldwide.


Live Casino Games

In recent years, this hobby has gained a significant amount of popularity. For years, players have been able to enjoy the excitement of live casino games such as crazy time without leaving the privacy and convenience of their own homes. It is a lot of fun to spend time by playing casino games for real money, but you should make sure to establish a limit for yourself first.

Live casino games can encompass a wide variety of activities, including poker, blackjack, lotteries, and other games not seen in traditional casinos.


Many people like curling up with a good book on a Friday night. Because reading is affordable (or free) and allows individuals to discover new and intriguing worlds, it’s a universal pastime that’s loved by people all over the world.

There is always a fresh and intriguing book to read, and giving it to a friend when you’ve completed reading is the best thing you can do. Though not of fresh interest, this one is definitely a keeper! 

Today you can also make use of Audio books if you prefer to listen to a book rather than read and can be beneficial to do while doing some housework chores!


Music is a universal language that is spoken, listened to, and enjoyed all around the world. It draws people together. Music may be appreciated in a variety of settings, whether at home while listening on headphones or during a live performance.

The creation of music is a separate activity that music fans might pursue as a pastime in its own right. The majority of today’s most successful musicians and music producers got their start in the industry as amateurs, so there’s always a chance that you may become the next great thing in the industry.

Video Games

Even though they have a reputation for being harmful, individuals clearly like playing video games. There are games available that cater to nearly every character trait and desire. Players are able to interact with one another through the medium of online gaming.

Video games can be played by people of any age; all you need to do is ensure that you are playing a game that is acceptable for your age and have fun with it! If you have difficulties sleeping, playing video games might help you pass the time, especially when there isn’t much else you could be doing at night when there isn’t much else you could be doing!


Today many people around the world enjoy shopping, whether at one of Harrods newly opened shops or for clothes. The term shop till you drop, is one many husbands are aware of! Like playing your favourite casino game shopping should be done with a limit!